Colonia elioterapica "Cesare Battisti"

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Colonie elioterapiche

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address: Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS),
lungo Oglio Cesare Battisti
client: Congregazione di carità di Palazzolo sull'Oglio
architect:   Alziro Bergonzo
year: 1935-36
capacity: 340

rebuilt, local health insurance

Since 1922 a daytime colony operated at the riverbanks of the Oglio. The good experiences which have been made led to a new construction initiated by the local welfare institutions and financed by donations of the local Fascio. It was designed by the architect Alziro Bergonzo from Bergamo and built from 1935 to 1936.

To separate the genders the daytime colony was divided in two levels: the upper level near the street was dedicated for the girls, the lower level near the riverbank for the boys. The elongated building was open to the river side - the shadow of its roof covered the dining hall, right in front laid the sun terraces. Attached to the upper level construction laid the kitchen equipped with a dumb waiter to transport the meals to the lower level.

Some ship style elements can be identified: the bow like rotunda facing the river which houses the direction, the rails of the terrace and the portholes of the dressing rooms and the showers. The building evoked the image of a pleasure steamer lying along the river bank.

The entrance was shaped by a simple square gate topped with flag masts leading to the roll call yard which center was marked by another flag mast. For bathing and splashing around a pool was let in at the river bank. Today the colony serves as headquarter of the local health insurance. Therefore the formally open dining halls were closed and the building drastically extended. The former staggering of the two levels was destroyed by a building part using the whole sun terrace so that the construction seems to be a two storey building from the beginning on. konzipiert

historical images

photos © Arne Winkelmann



ground floor

upper floor

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