Colonia elioterapica fluviale "Maria Pia di Savoia"

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Colonie elioterapiche

other name:

Colonia "Elena di Savoia"

Vercelli (VC),
corso Giuseppe Rigola 140

architect:   Uffici Tecnici Comunali
year: 1935

used by different clubs

The daytime colony in Vercelli was designed in 1935 by the technical office of the municipality next to the river Sesia.

Its extremely differentiated structure with different roof heights and corners is dominated by a tower with bow like curves which has circumferential windows and balconies. Similar to the daytime colony "Roberto Farinacci" in Cremona the tower makes the whole building look as a giant engine - a motif showing progressiveness and technical superiority.

The three-winged complex embraces a roll call ground and can be read from above as a giant M as a mega sign for Mussolini. According to the Aeropittura and the propagandistic use of bird's-eye views these interpretation is possible.

The daytime colony in Vercelli is one of the very few which is still in use: One part of the building is used by the Alpini veterans association, the other part by a gymnastic club and an archery club.

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