Colonia elioterapica "Caduti per la rivoluzione"

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Colonie marine -
Tyrrhenian Sea

other Name:

Palestra comunale "Ugo Reina"
Campo "Libero Ferrario"

Parabiago (MI)
piazza dello Sport

year: about 1936

use as sports facilities

The main building of the daytime colony in Parabiago strikes by its simple shape: a white, two storey cube which is structured by pilaster strips. Like a clamp a lower one storey building with a red brick façade holds that cube. In this lower part are the entrances - probably separating boys from girls - the changing rooms, the kitchen and other service rooms. The cube just houses a big hall.

In front of the main building lies a sports field which is girdled by a wall. On the other side of the sports field the wall is opened by a gate building-with its high pillars it serves as a landmark. Most probably this sculptural gate showed the name of the colony, the national emblems as the axes of the fasces and a political slogan.

At the long side of the sports field a tribune rises with a wide cantilevering roof. Adjacent exists a small kiosk. Behind the main building lies even a pool. The basin wasn't digged in the ground but embedded with embankments.

The main building is still in use (Palestra communale "Ugo Reina") as well as the sports field including the tribune. The pool is abandoned.

historical photos

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