Colonia marina "Alberto Lodolo"

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Colonie marine -
Tyrrhenian Sea

other name:

Soggiorno marino Olivetti  

Marina di Castagneto (LI),
viale Italia

client: Societą elettriche del Nord,
Olivetti, Ivrea
architect:   Raffaello Brizzi
year: 1931

Hotel "Tombolo"
refurbished by Tiziano Lera, Forte dei Marmi

The colony of the Societą elettriche del Nord comprises elements of the Novecento and the Razionalismo e.g. elements of the 19th century architecture and the International Style. The entrance for example with its temple like appearance and the flat pointed gable as well as the axial symmetry seems to quote the 19th century architecture. But the facades with their wide lying windows and pure white plaster walls are plain modern style. The same can be said about the rotunda of the dining hall towards the beach and the small observation deck above.

Apparently the complex originally was designed as a three wing building opening his arms towards the land. But later on two more wings with dormitories were added which also define a wide spread yard. With this extension the U-shaped ground floor transformed into that of an H.

historical photos

A. Lodolo, Abetone 002 A. Lodolo, Abetone 003 A. Lodolo, Abetone 004 A. Lodolo, Abetone 005 A. Lodolo, Abetone 006 A. Lodolo, Abetone 007 A. Lodolo, Abetone 008 A. Lodolo, Abetone 009 A. Lodolo, Abetone 010 free lightbox photo galleryby v6.1

ground floor

© Valerio Cutini


bibliography: Cutini, Valerio, u. Roberto Pierini, Le colonie marine della Toscana. La conoscenza, la valorizzazione, il recupero dell´architettura per la riqualificazione del territorio, Pisa 1993, p. 210