Colonia marina "Costanzo Ciano"

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Colonie marine -
Adriatic sea

other name:


Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD),
via Centrale 29


POA - Pontificia Commissione di Assistenza,
EFA - Ente Friulano di Assistenza

architect:   Pietro Zanini
year: 8 July 1939
capacity: 700

holiday resort

Before the First World War Lignano Sabbiadoro already was a seaside resort but its facilities were destroyed be Austrian forces in the war. Initiated by the National Recreation Club of Milan and the Fasci of Combat of Bolzano and Udine it was redeveloped for mass tourism in the 1930ies and a competition for a colony was launched. According to the winning design of Pietro Zanini from Udine the colony "Costanzo Ciano" was built and at July 8 1939 inaugurated.

The symmetrical building is 165 meters wide and has two and in the middle part three stories. Its length is strengthened by horizontal windows. At its middle axis the building is dominated by a tower which has several functions: as a observation deck, a watchtower and a water tower. On the foot of the tower a lower wing which is lying orthogonally towards the sea and contains the dining hall.

During the Second World War the building was used by Anglo-American forces as a garrison. After 1946 the colony was run again by several aid organizations. In the 1950ies a chapel was added on the western front.

historical photos

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bibliography: Architettura del Novecento in Friuli: Pietro Zanini, Udine 1987