Colonia marina del Fascismo Ravennate

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Colonie marine -
Adriatic Sea

other name:

Colonia Croce Rossa Italiana
Colonia marina della Provincia di Ravenna

Marina di Ravenna (RA),
viale delle Nazioni 461-469

client: Federazione dei Fasci di Combattimenti di Ravenna
E. O. A. - Ente Opere Assistenziali
Croce Rossa Italiana
(after 1945)
architect:   Giovanni Montanari
year: 1934
capacity: 1.500

refurbished and used as hotel and appartments "Residence Villa Marina"

This seaside colony of the Fascists of Ravenna lies along a coastal road surrounded of pine forests not far from the small Marina di Ravenna.

The four storey building combines under stylistic points of view motifs of the "Novecento" and "Razionalismo". According to Novecento because of its axial order, its comb like floor plan and its monumental portico. The portico shows to columns, an insinuated broken pediment and an arched window with an exposed keystone. According to Razionalismo these motifs were stylized and alienated so that it also could be rated as a modernist building - you could even say postmodernist. Especially the lined windows look as from industrial buildings of the 1920's. Its big round endings are similar to prows - especially to that of warships before WWI. The wings show entrances at the mid leading to the dining halls. In the upper floors these entrances were repeated as niches as to bring rhythm to the facade.

Today the building ist surrounded by dense pine forests. As it was built the colonia stood freely exposed at the beach. In the woods between the beach and the building lay ruined relics of two gun emplacements by which the colonia had to be defended in WWII. After years of decay the colonia was refurbished and is used as an appartment hotel today.

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ground floor

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