Colonia marina "IX Maggio"

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Colonie marine -
Adriatic Sea

other name:

Colonia "Italo Balbo",
Colonia marina Olivetti,
Colonia "Gioventù Italiana",
Colonia "Caritas Ambrosiana"

Marinella di Sarzana (SP),
viale Litoraneo 110

client: P.N.F. - Partito Nazionale di Fascista di La Spezia,
Caritas Ambrosiana
architect:   geom. Beretta
year: 1938


The ground floor of the colony of the Fascist Party of La Spezia looks like a ship. The long building along the coastal line ends in two rotundas-similar to prow and poop. Only towards the street a smaller but similar shaped wing is attached. This wing leads also to the interpretation of an eagle with widespread wings or an aero plane with wings and rear wings. Both can be interpreted from an airplane as meta signs in the sense of the art of the "aeropittura".

The two storey building is only structured by an slim circumferential roof. The fasces and the three entrances were the only colour accents.

Between the building and the beach lies a garden which is not designed as a roll call ground but as a garden with hedges in curved baroque lines. This picturesque arrangement contrasts the plain design of the building and is unique in colony planning.

After the war the colony saw different clients and was often renamed. It is abandoned for years.

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