Colonia marina fascista "Luigi Pierazzi"

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Colonie marine -
Tyrrhenian Sea

other name:

Colonia C.R.I.  

Follonica (GR),
via delle Republica

client: Federazione Provinciale Fascista di Grosseto
C.R.I. - Croce Rosso Italiana
architect:   Ernesto Ganelli
year: 18 June 1930


The models for this colony can be found in the ancient Roman architecture. The slim building lies parallel to the beach and is characterized by an arcade on the ground level. This arcade is flanked by two tower like buildings, which let the colony look as the Basilica Aemilia in Rome. The parts at the end contain the rooms for the leaders and the kitchen. Apparently in later years a second similar wing was added in the south, which is also formed by an arcade and another corner building. In the upper floors the arcade gives space for a long terrace for sun therapy which balusters are decorated by antique vases. Behind those terraces lay the dormitories.

historical photos

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ground floor

Valerio Cutini