Colonia marina "Principi di Piemonte"

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Colonie marine -
Tyrrhenian Sea

other name:

Colonia marina "Santo Spirito"

Santa Severa (RO),
via Aurelia

client: P.N.F. - Partito Nazionale di Fascista Dopolavoro,
Ospedalieri - Ospedali dei Pio Istituto di S. Spirito ed Ospedali Riuniti di Roma
architect:   Luigi Lenzi,
Gaspare Lenzi
year: 1933
capacity: 120


The ruins of the colonia marina "Principi di Piemonte" today give only an idea of the flamboyant design of the brothers Lenzi in the 1930ies. According to its many functions the building complex was designed extremely differentiated and is therefore one of the most interesting exponents of this typology of colonies. Towards north the wide U-shape complex is defined by a four storey building for the dormitories. Along the beach lies a long stretched two storey part for with a terrace in front. At the south the complex closes with a flat rotunda of a dining hall giving the shape to the roll call ground around. The centre of this ground was marked by a flag pole. A quiet special detail of the roll call ground is an altar where open air serviced could be held.

As the colony was built nothing existed at this coastal area but a medieval castle. Not until the post war years the area around the colony was settled.

The colony was transformed and rebuilt several times. Loggias and windows were closed, the façade equalized and an iron pergola with staircase was added. For years the building is abandoned and lies in decay.

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