Colonia montana I.P.P.A.I.

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Colonie montane

other name:


Monte Zatta (GE),
n. n.

client: I.P.P.A.I. (Istituto provinciale protezione e assistenza infanzia),
Fondazione Devoto
year: 1933

The mountain colony of the catholic organisation I.P.P.A.I. lies far away from the next village in the forest of Monte Zatta. Maybe its hidden location could be an indication of a distance to the Fascist regime. Also the construction date on the left pediment "A.D. 1933" means Anno Domini instead of "EF XI" (Era Fascista) which shows an unusual religious confession in the mid 30ies. The colony was dedicated to the philanthropist Antonio Devoto (1182-1916), who emigrated to Argentine and made a fortune in Buenos Aires. The according foundation Antonio Devoto (Fondazione Italiana Antonio Devoto), which was the client of the colony, had its seat in Chiavari.

The building rises up to six storeys, whereby the slender window formats foster these dramatic development of height. Interesting is the number of the windows: 365 - one for each day of the year. The groundplan is shaped as an E that opens towards downhill. A role call ground with flagpole is missing - in front of the colony there is only a small place, which couldn't host the children of the whole colony, and a small meadow with fruit trees behind the house. In the ground floor lies a sizeable chapel, which stained-glass windows are designed with crosses.

After the war the colony ran under different clients until the 1970ies. It is abandoned since years and devastated. All the furniture as beds and bedside cabinets are still there but completely demolished.

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