Colonia montana "Luigi Razza"

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Colonie montane

other name:

Colonia montana Novarese
Colonia alpina di Druogno

Druogno (VB),
via Colonia

client: Federazione Fasci Combattimento di Novara
year: 1935
capacity: 500

2013 Umbau und Sanierung
Museum der Universität Druogno

According to the size of the Fascist League of Novara the mountain colony in the Vigezzo Valley consist of some buildings and forms nearly an own little village.

By the side wings and the setbacks of these wings the buildings even look more numerous. The buildings form an U-shaped courtyard which serves as a role call ground and sports area. The impression of an own village is strengthened by a circumferential fence and a small gatehouse.

The main motive of the two storey buildings are the arcades with round arches. They mark the main entrance and the middle axis of the central building, they form connecting passages between dining hall and dormitories as well as the walkways of the dormitories. .

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