Colonia marina "IX Maggio"

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Colonie marine -
Tyrrhenian Sea

other name:

Colonia Cartiere Burgo  

Moneglia (GE),
via W. Burgo 9/11

client: Cartiere di Verzuolo ing. Burgo & C.
architect:   geom. Gracchi,
Ufficio tecnico Cartiere Burgo
year: 1938 (24 July 1938)
capacity: 280

2006 refurbished, senior residence

The colony of the papermill Burgo in Verzuolo was a private enterprise. She was established for the children of the employees. The choice of location surely was due to the hometown of the company founder Luigi Burgo.

The colony's architectural style is pure Razionalismo and shows ship style features as the rotunda of the dining hall looking as a prow, the round windows as bull's eyes and the flag pole on top. Originally the building wasn't plain white: The backside part was coloured in a light green as well as the roller blinds. The socket as well as the pillars were painted black contrasting the "pearl white" of the rest.
Technically the colony was well equipped: It had a heating system which allowed to carry it on in winter times. In a two storey building right aside they ran a laundry. And right in front of the colony laid a 270 square feet pool which was ran by water from the sea. The pool doesn't exist any more.

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